Community Outdoor Pool

Kids and adults swimming in Crawford Park Pool.

In November 2017, voters approved funding to build a new outdoor pool to replace the existing pool at Crawford Park. The City has begun the design process for the pool, which includes site analysis and selection. The site analysis assesses environmental conditions, potential impacts to existing programs and amenities, and other site-specific considerations. The pool location will be selected with input from the City Council, the Parks & Recreation Board and citizens.

In November 2017, voters approved funding to build a new outdoor pool to replace the existing pool at Crawford Park. The City has begun the design process for the pool, which includes site analysis and selection. The site analysis assesses environmental conditions, potential impacts to existing programs and amenities, and other site-specific considerations. The pool location will be selected with input from the City Council, the Parks & Recreation Board and citizens.

Thank you for sharing your feedback on potential locations for the community pool! All comments submitted will be shared with the city council as they consider location options for the pool.

Background Information

This spring, City staff and the pool design consultants conducted public meetings to engage stakeholders and gather input on the programs and features that are top community priorities for the new outdoor pool. Based on this feedback the consultants have conducted a site analysis for the new pool to assess environmental conditions, potential impacts to existing programs and amenities, and other site-specific requirements or restraints. Based on this analysis, following sites are under consideration for the new pool:

1) Crawford Park (401 Straus Road)

2) Virginia Weaver Park (631 Somerset Dr)

3) Alan E. Sims Recreation Center (310 W. Parkerville Rd)

These options were presented to the Parks and Community Development Corporation Boards on June 27, 2018. View the full presentation and site analysis here(External link).

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded; thank you for your feedback! The page will be updated when a site is selected.

My vote is for the Alan Sims Recreation facility. I thought it was proposed for one to here when the facility was first proposed.

RutherfordC 2 months ago

Though Crawford is a good historic site, it doesn't best serve the citizens of Cedar Hill now or in the future. Both the Recreation Center and Virginia Weaver locations serve more neighborhoods, are connected by sidewalks, and the Cedar Hill trail system. Also, Virginia Weaver is going to be the home of the new Creative Playground. Combining the playground, the pool, and the softball facilties could create a hub for recreation in Cedar Hill.

RoosterBooster 3 months ago

My vote is for 1B at Crawford park. This would afford the largest amount of space for a pool and make Crawford Park a swimming oasis. I would like to see several splash park strategically placed around our communities so children can keep cool and active just like Hillside Village Mall. Both the recreation center and Virginia Weaver locations have active schedules currently and might create parking and access issues at the proposed locations. Virginia Weaver host baseball tournament and is very active. I would like an outside pool with plenty of covered patio space. I recently visited the EPIC indoor pool at Grand Prairie and while it’s a lovely facility there is enough seating area around the pool for families. It feels cramped and the chlorine smell is strong and it feel surprisingly hot and humid. Not much air movement through out the indoor facility. I enjoy the pool at Crawford Park and often felt it should be enlarged with more covered and shaded area with new lockers, restrooms, showers and concessions. Keep up the great work. This is a great forum for public input.

Nytexsun 3 months ago

Indoor pool at the rec center would be best for year round use. Include water features also--maybe a lazy river, lap pool area for training, some water slides.

michele's 3 months ago

I would like to see a pool at the rec center but my concern is the lack of trees. It should either be indoor or special coverings should be provided for non-swimming patrons. Parking may become a issue at the rec due to all the programs and events held there. If this is the case, my second choice would be Virginia Weaver. Lots of trees, accessible trail for pedestrians and bikes and plenty of parking. Crawford park needs sidewalks on nearby streets, Strauss, for patrons to get there besides in a car. I love riding my bike around my town.

latre74 3 months ago

In the midst of many health concerns and overall concern for the environment, I would ask that you would consider a salt water pool versus the standard chemical pool. It is healthier and better for our citizens. Also, a pool should be used more than just a couple months of the year. I would ask that the pool be heated for use throughout the year. It is a pity for a pool to sit there for the majority of the year unused.

Ddg 3 months ago

Virginia Weaver would be the best spot. There is not much there now, it would not affect the indoor pool planned at the rec center and lastly as CH soccer grows it keeps a place for our kids to still be able to practice at Crawford park. Please take all of this into consideration. Thanks in advance.

trajeff10 3 months ago

I would vote for keeping the pool at Crawford Park, and I would prefer option 1A, placing the new pool roughly where the current pool is. That location has lots of trees around part of it, which gives it more of an "in the country" feel rather than an "in the city" feel, where lots of other facilities, traffic, and noise are nearby, as would be the case in the other two options. The pavilions, playground, and tennis and basketball courts are nearby, so there is lots to do in one general area.

Crawford Park is readily accessible but somewhat secluded, making it feel more like "going somewhere fun" rather than still being "in the city."

One comment about all three options-adding the extra features limits the space for just plain old swimming for the kids.Various day care centers, camps, and other groups of young children frequently use the current pool. They enjoy playing tag or Marco Polo, just "sort of swimming around" with each other, and just having fun. I think it is important to have enough space for the children to do that, even if that means giving up one of the special features.

TimM 3 months ago

My comment is about lack of pedestrian or bicycle access to Crawford Park/pool period. Straus Road is 2 two lane road with no sidewalk on either side to allow anything but vehicles, yet I have observed pedestrians, bicycle, and even a mobility scooter having to compete for road way to travel. The east side of the road(railroad track) ROW is a "NO Mow" area which make space even more limited. Now there is a major project going in at FM 1382 and Straus which increases traffic even more. This issue needs to be addressed.

stevieweavie 3 months ago

I think that dollars would be better spent on an indoor pool at the recreation center. We could use it for CHISD for swim classes for elementary students as well as for the swim team at the high school. It could also be used for aerobics and therapy classes, as well for open swim and for parties. it would eventually bring dollars back to the cost of building the indoor pool more than one that would only be used for a few months. Thanks City of CH for allowing us to give our input.

BessieSneed 3 months ago

Virginia Weever Park May need it along with it new park for the neighborhood kids that may need that distraction.

Greenland 3 months ago

An indoor pool at the Rec would be great for our community. Our residents wouldn’t have to travel to other cities for swim competitions/trainings.

MoSanchez 3 months ago

As a user of Crawford pool on a regular basis, my vote would be to keep the pool at the current location, and make compliant updates.

stevieweavie 3 months ago

I like the Indoor plan as with all the concerns with skin cancer a lot of persons will not use an outdoor pool for that concern. I think if you had the indoor pool at the rec center it could be used for classes for seniors and youth alike. With a play area where you can watch the grandchildren would be a better solution to the senior citizen to stay active with the youth.

ccs 3 months ago

We need a modern aquatic center. One with a pool, lazy river and water slides. Crawford should be the site. If the budget does not allow for an aquatic center, then an indoor pool at the rec center would be the second choice.

Greatboater 3 months ago

We need an indoor pool just as Sheryll said; my children are swimmers and we joined a swim team that practiced at Duncanville natatorium and that is where CHHS swim team also practices. Our team ended up being dissolved and we joined the Mansfield aquatic team. All I am saying is if we have an indoor pool, it can, and I believe will generate income for the city and Cedar Hill can also have a swim team; you can lease the pool to aspiring swim team (s) or have swim lessons year round and our CHHS swim team can have a stable practice schedule.
Furthermore, our seniors can have aerobic exercise and citizens can utilize the pool year round. The Crawford pool should be renovated ( slides, water splash, river walk etc) and that can be used during summer time. It will save time / money and we won’t have to go to neighboring cities during summer time to have fun when we have ours.

WunmmyBabs 3 months ago

We need an indoor pool at the Rec Center and leave the outdoor pool at Crawford Park for summer use. CHHS Swim Team has to practice in Duncanville, our seniors have to go to surrounding cities to use indoor pools for aquatic therapy, and, as mentioned previously, it can be open more than 2-3 months per year.

Sheryll 3 months ago

If located at another location what would happen to the existing pool at Crawford Park? I think locating the pool at one of the parks is a good idea if it will be an outdoor pool. That way there would be more than one activity available outside. An indoor pool at the rec center would also work since it could be used year round potentially.

tlcolu 3 months ago

My biggest concern about replacing Crawford is the value when it's only open 2-3 months out of the year. I use my pool about 6 months/year. Maybe have it open weekends when schools are in session?

As far as pool features, when we have gone to city pools, we've like the ones with slides and other water park features. When the kids were younger we would go to Desoto's Mosely Pool from time to time.

It's probably too late now, but I think an indoor or indoor/outdoor pool at the rec center would be a good use of funds.

RobertEden 3 months ago

I love the idea of keeping it at Crawford Park, next to the tennis courts, basketball courts and picnic area - I would also suggest re-purposing the current pool into a skateboard park!

Kat Sierra 3 months ago